Adam Bailie

Adam Bailie

Thu, September 13, 2018

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

C'est What?

Toronto, ON

This event is 19 and over

Adam Bailie
Adam Bailie
Just to be clear: Music is not black or white. Music is a language; a form of communication that has the right to cross boundaries, migrate and be accepted by whoever chooses.
Somewhere inside all this music lives Adam Bailie, the alt singer-songwriter that has been performing shows, producing albums, licensing songs, and taking his craft serious for over a decade. His style is one that celebrates music from all walks of life. Using the acoustic guitar as the backbone and lyrics as the body, he allows songs to come from the heart fearlessly. His ability to write songs (he describes as "channeling") is often instant and very abundant. Adam believes that music and lyrics should be whatever they want to be.
"Being political within music isn't a bad thing. It's the same as religion or even heartache. It's just another form of artistic expression and people have the ability to take it or leave it. "
Toronto, the center of the Canadian music industry is where Adam was raised and learned how to sing and play the acoustic guitar. He grew up exposed to popular radio while also listening to a variety of traditional African artists. His variety of influence helped transcend from world and reggae all the way to county and pop music. In his early years of writing, he performed and wrote a song that would become a National single that charted on the CHR top 20. He won a few band contests, an HMV freestyle competition, and even won a car through a jingle-writing contest.
After a few years of performing live and studying music production Adam packed up the car and drove west to Vancouver for a change of scenery. The west coast embraced his music, giving him the opportunity to perform live often and license some of his music for commercial use. Adam then took off all the way down to Los Angeles with a six-month visa, to submerge himself in the heart of the American music industry. He began performing open mic nights. One of those nights he was approached by a successful music producer and publisher. They would write and record hip-hop music together. After his six months, he drove back to Vancouver and started to tour again.
Curious about country music, he began working on a side project that would take him down a rabbit hole where he would learn about the traditions and customs of country and western. He toured Canada, driving from Vancouver to Halifax and back. His next trip was to the United Kingdom where he would play open stages and study the London music scene. The people of England took to his alternative approach to songwriting. He stayed three months with plans to return. Back in Canada, on Vancouver Island, Adam decided to get back to his roots in Toronto for awhile and focus on rebranding and rebuilding his music career.
Adam Bailie is now focused on his path and ready to market his style of Urban Country music to a wide audience. Being open-minded and truthful are the two things that hold dear to Adam's heart. Adam might not be able to predict the trends and behaviours of todays' music market but he can always count on being a songwriter first, before anything else.
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C'est What?
67 Front Street E.
Toronto, ON, M5E 1B5