Lora Ryan, Dammien Alexander and Sterylize

Lora Ryan, Dammien Alexander and Sterylize

Dammien Alexander, Sterylize

Sun, May 14, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

C'est What?

Toronto, ON

This event is 19 and over

Lora Ryan
Lora Ryan
Singer/songwriter Lora Ryan is poised to make some noise in the independent music scene. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, she recently relocated to the Hollywood of Canada: Toronto, Ontario.
Lora initially started her career in performing arts including hip-hop dance, acting, and musical theatre – all before graduating from high school. She studied at the Montreal School of Performing Arts in her teens but it wasn’t long before she realized her first passion is to write, record and perform her own material. She then made the switch to pursue singing with a private vocal coach at the Montreal Academy of Music for seven years.
The petite firecracker continued her post-secondary education at Vanier College (Montreal) in music studying voice, but opted for a more hands-on experience in the field instead. She quickly gained recognition for her talent and attracted help from a manager/publisher, and investors who helped her record her own 15-track Pop/Rock Debut album, Perfectly Imperfect (2012). The album was never released to the public but received industry-wide praise for its catchy hooks and relatable lyrics.
Lora spent an invaluable six years as a vocal coach/mentor at West Island Music Academy (WIMA), helping mould the talent of today’s youth. From vocal lessons to songwriting classes and how to work together in a rock band, Lora took pride in helping her students grow as artists and she was always a positive role model/influence.
Lora’s musical expertise enables her to develop and write for fellow artists in various genres (country, rock, indie, hip hop, acoustic, etc.).The vivacious blonde, who participated in two Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) SongWorks pro writing camps in 2015, is actively writing/composing her upcoming EP.
Lora Ryan draws on personal experience to pen her lyrics, which can only be described as original and emotionally driven, sometimes angry, often angst-ridden, but always heartfelt and honest. “My world revolves around music,” she emphasizes.
Since the release of Perfectly Imperfect, Lora has matured and her music has grown and revamped alongside her. She’s has just released her brand new single “Best of Me” – An empowering pop-ballad with a strong message about being happy in your skin and knowing your self-worth.
The unstoppable talent is beyond eager to share her music with the public.
“Music is my passion, my life. I would be nothing without it,” she expresses. “In one way or another, music affects us all.”
Lora Ryan is about to take the world by storm!
Fun Facts about this pop starlet:
– Lora is obsessed with her two cats, Romy and Milo.
– Lora loves to cook, bake and most importantly eat. Seriously, this girl has an appetite.
– Lora is a shopaholic! She has more clothes than she knows what to do with and a mild obsession with liquid matte lipsticks.
Lora’s Mantra: “I believe in having fun and living life to the fullest. Even doing groceries should be fun. There’s never a dull moment in my life.”
Dammien Alexander
Dammien Alexander
For a man who typically speaks with precision and measured clarity, Dammien Alexander is not one to traffic in hyperbole. To that end, it’s startling to hear the musician and ever-churning creative mind so casually recall what he calls “a near-death experience.” “I heard this voice say, “Dude, we’re gonna die,” he remembers of a panicked 2012 surfing incident that occurred during a vacation in Costa Rica. The road-tested Canadian musician however is nothing if not the determined type. He’d been through the ringer before and emerged safely on the other side. And so, even as the wicked riptide worked against his body that day, even as he desperately tried to swim to safety not knowing the outcome, Alexander found an inner strength he didn’t know he possessed. “I don’t know how or why but a quickening happened in my mind,” he recalls, adrenaline still exuding from within. “I heard a voice say, “You’re not going anywhere. You just gotta figure this out!””

Alexander made it back to shore. “And after that something changed,” the multi-instrumentalist and singer says with a sense of pride and astonishment. “Everything changed.”
What might have caused others to recede into themselves was precisely the spark Alexander had been searching for. Only a few years prior he’d walked away from the music industry, feeling burnt out, fed up and lacking an overall sense of gratification. Suddenly however, following Costa Rica, the passion he’d long felt for his craft, for his guitar, for his desire to create a new style of music returned. A subsequent burst of inspiration found him blending his equal love of R&B, funk and soul with the raucous rock energy of his youth into thrilling new music. “It sounds really hippie-like,” the musician, who over the following years would perform around the globe and write and record Love + Infinity, his most impassioned, free-flowing and inspired album to date, says with a laugh. “But it opened me up quite significantly. And then I started playing again.”

“I just felt lighter as a person so the music started to resonate that way,” Alexander says by way of explanation for what prompted him to concoct a fiery 11-track album, due on March 24 via Underground Sun. The album swings in equal measure with funky, Prince-indebted horn licks (“Love With Our Souls”), minimalist vocal-and-guitar acrobatics (“Elevate”), and swampy blues (“Be Your Man”). “I started to make music that was more rhythmic and upbeat.”
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C'est What?
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