Power-pop goes the weasel - Buddy's Birthday

Power-pop goes the weasel - Buddy's Birthday

Sun, September 10, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

C'est What?

Toronto, ON

This event is 19 and over

TC Folkpunk
TC Folkpunk
T.C. Folkpunk
T.C. Folkpunk

T.C. Folkpunk: T.C. Folkpunk

Timothy Cameron: ...Every Cloud Has A Sulphur Lining...

Timothy Cameron was given a copy of the Beatles album "Twist And Shout" when he was four years old, and decided that being a Beatle would be a good job to have when he grew up.

Unfortunately, they weren't hiring.

Instead, he waited a few years, then began playing in bars and pubs at the age of 17, by which time he was tall enough to convincingly "exaggerate" about his age. Somewhere in there he found time to add some Clash, Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg and Green Day albums to his collection, and proceeded to absorb them into his musical DNA. Since then, Timothy has played literally thousands of gigs, and within the past few years released three independent CDs, all of which received positive reviews and airplay in Canada and abroad.

In 2007, Timothy discovered that one of his songs, American Dream, had become part of the curriculum in a high school class in Germany which was studying the recent impact of American culture on the outside world.

Shortly thereafter, he changed his stage moniker to T.C. Folkpunk, a decision which was brought on by the proliferation of other musicians performing under the names Tim Cameron or Timothy Cameron (and his annoyance at getting their email).

In 2010, T.C. was invited to take part in The International Pop Overthrow festival in Liverpool, England, which he happily accepted. His shows included two appearances on stage at the legendary Cavern Club. He still hasn't gotten over it.

In November 2010 T.C.'s first album under his adopted stage name was released, cleverly titled "T.C. Folkpunk". Once again, the album received positive reviews from various corners of the planet.

His next collection of tunes, entitled "Lo-Fi Hi-Jinx" was released in September 2013.
Claude Kent
Claude Kent
Claude W. Kent son of James W. Kent (classical music producer for the C.B.C.); has been involved in the Toronto music scene since the late seventies. His first experiences were playing drums in the now infamous Toronto Punk band 'The Fits' who were contemporaries and shared stages with; 'The Viletones', 'Blue Peter', 'The Forgotten Rebels', 'The Secrets', 'Arson' and many other groups who helped to forge the Punk and New Wave explosion that was happening in Toronto at that time. Since then Claude has continued to operate as an independent, DIY, musical outlaw and has involved himself with many projects too numerous to mention.

Claude's first instrument of choice is drums and in order to scratch that musical itch he continues to play drums in various music groups. Playing guitar is his second passion and one he literally and figuratively "picked up", as Claude's older brother is a guitar player and thus there was always one around the house and someone to learn from. Sitting on a drum throne for many years provided Claude with a great vantage point from which to gather perspective in order to create his own situation. Clockwise is the realization of those perspectives and the fruition of Claude's serendipitous songwriting and a continuous, disparate musical journey.
James Clark
James Clark
With a wink and a nod to the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto (now CAMH), The James Clark Institute is the musical guise for its lead singer and songwriter James Clark. Confronting the ghosts of his past, James spins his personal demons into witty, well-crafted pop-rock tunes.

Toronto’s James Clark loves song writing. He also loves singing, and with inspirations like Elvis Costello, Ray Davies and comparisons to John Lennon, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, he established The James Clark Institute band in 2004.

In the summer of 2012, iconic Canadian singer, songwriter, producer Moe Berg (The Pursuit of Happiness) produced and played on two new songs – “Company Hearse” and “I Don’t Leave The Radio On Anymore” – for The James Clark Institute, and a sparkly new independent 7” vinyl record featuring these two songs sees the light in June 2013.

“Company Hearse” deals with the feeling that life may be passing one by, and “I Don’t Leave The Radio On Anymore” refers to the passing of his 17-year companion and treasured pet cat.

Prior to this, in November 2011, The James Clark Institute released ‘Son Of A Sideshow’; an independent five-song follow-up to the Not Lame Recordings full-length album ‘Sideshow Unattraction’ (May 2008 release). The songs on both albums were recorded during the same sessions and both are a theatrical, esoteric journey into a world of carnival illusion, heartbreak, melancholy wit and bitter double entendre. 2008’s ‘Sideshow Unattraction’ (distributed by U.S. label Not Lame Recordings until its demise in 2011) charted on Canadian campus radio and its fourth track “Monstrous” was chosen to be included in the 2011 Jack Vero directed, independent film ‘Cherries and Clover’.

2008 was also the year that The James Clark Institute (The JCI) became a real live performing band. Many shows were played, including a short jaunt to New York City in 2010 to promote ‘Sideshow Unattraction’, and members came and went in those days. Currently, Clark is joined onstage by Chris Bennett (guitar), Gord Fynes (drums) and RD Southwood (bass and vocals).

In October 2004, James Clark released the first official The James Clark Institute CD. With song subjects including prison, divorce, embarrassing photographs, egomania, entomology, confusion and death and titled ‘Home is Where the Heart Attack is’, the seven-song (written between 1997 and 2004) album is a collection of well crafted pop/rock songs that went on to chart on campus radio across Canada. Tracks from the album also received considerable airplay and widespread recognition on several Internet radio stations around the world. “The Worst Photograph Ever Taken of Me” hit number five on MP3unsigned.com (operating out of the UK) and the CD reached number three on the pop album charts on MP3.com.au (based in Australia).

James Clark started his music career as a drummer in various bands, such as garage/surf band The Sintones (1998-2004), until he branched out on his own.
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C'est What?
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