Women in Music Vol. 5

Women in Music Vol. 5

Evie Wilder, Avery Florence, Missy Knott, Sabrina Soares

Sun, May 27, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

C'est What?

Toronto, ON

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 19 and over

Lora Ryan
Lora Ryan
Singer/songwriter Lora Ryan is poised to make some noise in the independent music scene. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, she recently relocated to the Hollywood of Canada: Toronto, Ontario.
Lora initially started her career in performing arts including hip-hop dance, acting, and musical theatre – all before graduating from high school. She studied at the Montreal School of Performing Arts in her teens but it wasn’t long before she realized her first passion is to write, record and perform her own material. She then made the switch to pursue singing with a private vocal coach at the Montreal Academy of Music for seven years.
The petite firecracker continued her post-secondary education at Vanier College (Montreal) in music studying voice, but opted for a more hands-on experience in the field instead. She quickly gained recognition for her talent and attracted help from a manager/publisher, and investors who helped her record her own 15-track Pop/Rock Debut album, Perfectly Imperfect (2012). The album was never released to the public but received industry-wide praise for its catchy hooks and relatable lyrics.
Lora spent an invaluable six years as a vocal coach/mentor at West Island Music Academy (WIMA), helping mould the talent of today’s youth. From vocal lessons to songwriting classes and how to work together in a rock band, Lora took pride in helping her students grow as artists and she was always a positive role model/influence.
Lora’s musical expertise enables her to develop and write for fellow artists in various genres (country, rock, indie, hip hop, acoustic, etc.).The vivacious blonde, who participated in two Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) SongWorks pro writing camps in 2015, is actively writing/composing her upcoming EP.
Lora Ryan draws on personal experience to pen her lyrics, which can only be described as original and emotionally driven, sometimes angry, often angst-ridden, but always heartfelt and honest. “My world revolves around music,” she emphasizes.
Since the release of Perfectly Imperfect, Lora has matured and her music has grown and revamped alongside her. She’s has just released her brand new single “Best of Me” – An empowering pop-ballad with a strong message about being happy in your skin and knowing your self-worth.
The unstoppable talent is beyond eager to share her music with the public.
“Music is my passion, my life. I would be nothing without it,” she expresses. “In one way or another, music affects us all.”
Lora Ryan is about to take the world by storm!
Fun Facts about this pop starlet:
– Lora is obsessed with her two cats, Romy and Milo.
– Lora loves to cook, bake and most importantly eat. Seriously, this girl has an appetite.
– Lora is a shopaholic! She has more clothes than she knows what to do with and a mild obsession with liquid matte lipsticks.
Lora’s Mantra: “I believe in having fun and living life to the fullest. Even doing groceries should be fun. There’s never a dull moment in my life.”
Evie Wilder
Evie Wilder
Evie's lyrics often tell emotive and personal stories. Live performances are stripped back to just her and a piano, creating an intimate feeling with the audience. Elements of her style are reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, Adele and Christina Perri.
Avery Florence
Avery Florence
Avery Florence is a Toronto/Montreal based artist whose talent as a songwriter is innately matched with her angelic & gritty voice, and her undeniable personality - soulful & inspiring. Her musicality drifts easily from warm-pop to bluesy anthems to low-key R&B, yet Avery Florence is always Soft-Soul.

Driven by the raw connection with her audience, Avery is an instinctive leader, creating intimacy through her music & performance. Experiencing Avery Florence perform live restores both a natural human faith merged with the contemplative need to go deeper.

Beneath a gentle good-humoured exterior lies a melancholy darkness that emerges softly from her lyrics & tone. Her descriptive songs and enticing voice captivates audiences as she paints a picture so vivid you can’t help but see yourself within it; bridging the current to some distant memory in your own life.

Just after the release of her debut album entitled January, this soulful artist has momentum, selling out her first tour throughout Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, New York & Philadelphia. Breaking Free & Heavenly, her first two singles are receiving radio play & reviews. Her new racy & raw music video for Woke Up This Morning emotes the familiar unsettling story of going home with the wrong person. Filmed throughout Montreal's night-scapes, this collaboration track with East Coast's Pineo & Loeb, is receiving attention from several blogs including Ride the Tempo, Elite Muzik & was featured on CTV Live.
Missy Knott
Missy Knott
Fun and fresh, Missy Knott is always bringing something different and unexpected to her deliverance. If you're not listening to the soulful rasp of her voice become a sweet whisper, you're questioning her bare-feet on stage in the dead of winter. Raised in a small musical town, it was only a matter of time before the vision of entertaining her community with her voice and passion became a reality.

Taking her first singing lesson at the age of 11 years old, it was a dream of Missy's to become the First Nations version of Selena and there was no looking back from there. Performing in school plays all through elementary and highschool, it was when she was 17 that the musical world around her started to unfold. After being asked to be the lead singer in her high school's cover band, it was immediately after that when she became working closely with Sam Ferguson (Sam Ferguson Band, Thrill of Illusion) on a number of different projects. Missy and Sam Ferguson played in over 125 benefits, charities and fundraisers by the time Missy released her first album.

Missy released her debut album For No Reason At All... (2009) when she was 19 and with that went on to win Peterborough Folk Festival's Emerging Artist Award as well as Toronto Exclusive Award's Best Pop CD. Taking her album on the road, Missy took part in a 6 week tour in North Western Ontario tour with Shy Anne Hovorka but was forced to cut it short with the unfortunate passing of her father.

Dealing with her father's death, Missy took on a lot of responsibility by accepting a spot in the Indigenous Youth Gathering in Vancouver, BC taking place during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It was when she arrived that she found out that she would be dancing and singing in the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics, sharing the big stage with Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams.

It doesn't stop there for Missy as soon after she was asked to perform an original song on City TV's Breakfast Television and performed in various music festivals across the province opening for acts like Sass Jordan, Crystal Shawanda, Classified, Craig Cardiff and Tomson Highway to name a few. Also working closely with the Georgina Arts Gallery & Center (ArtXtreme), Missy was asked to join a team of travelling artists (Sacred Soul Designs) to Udine, Italy to perform at a conference on Canadian Arts with a focus on Italian visual artist Albert Chiarandini.

In 2011, Missy recorded a new 4 song E.P Runaway with local music icons, The Spades (7th Fire Records) and with that went on to develop a new duo with Brian Mehlenbacher. A Love Affair, a project created with musical partner Brian Mehlenbacher, was offically released this past summer and is avaliable for free download. Download One Last Touch, Corrigan Hill and Tameless for FREE!
Sabrina Soares
Sabrina Soares
Blending whip-fast verbal gymnastics with stuck-in-your-head pop riffs, Sabrina Soares’ debut 2016 EP ‘Plan A’ is a hooky, hip-swivelling nod to jazz, country, pop and the funky Brazilian rhythms that colour her unique heritage. Born to Brazilian parents in Sydney, Australia, Sabrina grew up singing bossa nova with her dad before starting to write her own songs at age 13.

Mixing sincere and relatable diary-entry style lyrics with exceptional self-taught guitar playing, Sabrina turned to music full-time after graduating high school; abandoning all considerations of a university education in order to be an active participant in the Sydney music scene.

Within 2-years, her music gradually veered stylistically, incorporating more sounds of RnB influenced by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Musiq Soulchild, Jhene Aiko, Drake, among others.

Now, a new comer to Canada, Sabrina has moved to Toronto for the next stage of her career, which includes recording her next album.

She’s only got a Plan A: she’s all in, and you will be too.
Venue Information:
C'est What?
67 Front Street E.
Toronto, ON, M5E 1B5