The Tailbreakers

The Tailbreakers

Fri, June 8, 2018

10:00 pm

C'est What?

Toronto, ON

This event is 19 and over

The Tailbreakers
The Tailbreakers
Once upon a time, Rock N’ Roll was a crossroads. It was little effects and big sound. It was clean riffs and dirty tones. It was surfing on pavement. It was velvet on leather and ultraviolet chrome.

Once upon a time, Rock N’ Roll was a cheap bar. It was whiskey and women. It was tobacco and perfume. It was dancing in smoke clouds. It was shadows in red rooms leading you down.

Once upon a time, Rock N’ Roll was an earthquake. It was primitive drum beats. It was blood rushing in crowds. It was rumbling concrete. It was bones shaking bodies on top of the ground.

Once upon a time, Rock N’ Roll was a jungle. It was electrified monkeys. It was rituals of ecstasy under the sky. It was wild roosters calling. It was mescaline horsemen conquering the night.

Those times are back.

The Tailbreakers have followed the timeless 60s’ surf/garage rock influence, putting out original tunes produced with minimal effects and maximum mojo.
In 2016, they brought the grooves to the first Acid Test Toronto, and in March 2017, had the honour of opening for 60s’ garage legends, The Sonics, at the iconic Danforth Music Hall.

Driven by these encouraging events in their short career, The Tailbreakers venture toward a second album. The first album, released through Ongakubaka Records, was recorded live-off-the-floor, featuring a range of classic analog-production staples, such as reel-to-reel compression and tape delay, and spanned a variety of subgenres, from stoner-surf and Merseybeat to cabaret rock and West Coast psychedelia.

Their upcoming sophomore album sticks to these fundamentals, and has been produced at the top-of-the-line Canterbury Studios in Toronto, and mastered in Le Lab Mastering in Montreal. It will be released on vinyl.
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C'est What?
67 Front Street E.
Toronto, ON, M5E 1B5